Mikko Pettinen – Why Not

Mikko Pettinen Why Not
is a new jazz quartet from Helsinki Finland. It was founded on September 2018. The leader and the composer of the band is a trumpet player, singer and keyboard player Mikko Pettinen, who is previously known from the bands UMO Helsinki Jazz Orchestra, Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble, Mikko Pettinen & Happy People, MP4 and Higher Ground Vocals. Pettinen won the 2nd prize on the International Carmine Caruso Jazz Trumpet Competition in 2001 and his band MP4 won the 1st prize on the Getxo competition in 2002. MP4 received a Jazz Emma nomination on 2005 (The Finnish Grammy). Pettinen is also the leader on the soul/funk Mikko Pettinen & Happy People. Pettinen has played on over 100 albums.

Mikko Pettinen Why Not has a unique sound that combines acoustic and electric elements, ethnic influences, loops, ambient soundscapes, spontanious interaction, free improvisation and catchy melodies. Their sound is very rich and full of surprises. The saxophone player-multi-instrumentalist Joakim Berghäll plays baritone sax, bass clarinet and cello and uses different effects masterfully. Mikko Pettinen plays trumpet, flugelhorn and cornet, sings with a harmonizer and plays keyboards occasionally. The bass player Vesa Ojaniemi expands his sound palette with samplers and effects known from the electronic music scene. Our drummer Tuomas Timonen uses the Sensory Percussion program with his drumset and it enables him to play imaginary soundscapes and synth chords with his drums.
Why Not’s debut album (a double album) Two Suites For The Change was released on January 17th 2020 (Eclipse Music). The album features two 40-minute suites: Suite 1: New Rules and Suite 2: Wonders of The World. The theme of the album is the climate change, dystopias and the nature.
Why Not’s live performances are unique every time and their set is always played non-stop without breaks between the songs. The songs are tied together with improvised interludes.

The line-up of the band is based on the legendary Chet Baker-Gerry Mulligan’s pianoless quartet and that gives more responsibility for the bass player and the drummer and also more freedom for the soloists.
Mikko Pettinen Why Not’s first single Sea in Sahara was released on September 2019.
The members of the band are among the best jazz musicians in Finland and they have played with for example Herd Trio, Ismo Alanko, Tsuumi Sound System, Umo Helsinki Jazz Orchestra, Kasperi Sarikoski Nuance, Yona, Berghäll Triality, Mikko Pettinen & Happy People, Aleksi Tuomarila, Aapo Heinonen Quintet and Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble.

Mikko Pettinen says: ”I wanted to write something different for this band and I didn’t want to question anything, I just wanted to let my imagination flow. That’s why this music is so honest and comes straight from the heart. The chemistry between the members of the band has been truly unique ever since our first rehearsals and the sound of the band evolves all the time.”

Why Not’s performances captures its listeners and makes them to forget about their worries. Our humble goal with this is band is to make the world a little bit better place. Working together for the better world is what we all should do, so WHY NOT do it now?

Mikko Pettinen Why Not is:
Mikko Pettinen: trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, effects, vocals, keyboards
Joakim Berghäll: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, cello
Vesa Ojaniemi: bass, electronics
Tuomas Timonen: drums, Sensory Percussion


Mikko Pettinen





“Why Not is one of the most interesting newcomers of the new decade. It is like a laboratory that experiments new technical solutions and open-minded musical combinations.” “Overall Why Not quartet combined the acoustic and electric world successfully. They’ve been searching for a new world and the synthesis is successful.” Pentti Ronkanen Suomijazz

“It’s only January, but when choosing the best albums of 2020, Pettinen’s new album has to be on top position.” “The album is musically so rich and doesn’t aim to please anybody, so I was blown away on the first listen.” “Even though Pettinen is the leader and the main composer, Why not is a completely equal group that creates music together.” Erik Ahonen

”When they added cornet, flugelhorn, cello and bass clarinet to the trumpet, baritone sax, bass & drums assembly, your ears were offered quite a colourworld.” Harri Aavaharju/Jazzrytmit

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