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A new single Dance Away is a follow-up to the studiolive recording

Nothing Can Stop My Spirit (cd, dvd and LP, Groovy Records) that was

released in September 2016.

Dance Away is an uplifting uptempo funk tune and it encourages its

listeners to forget about their worries and frustrations and to dance

them away. 

Dance Away is composed and arranged by the band´s leader, singer,

keyboard player and trumpeter Mikko Pettinen. The lyrics are written by

Happy People´s background singer Jonnu Heikkilä.

Mikko Pettinen says that Dance Away was inspired by Earth, Wind & Fire,

Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruno Mars and Snarky Puppy, but it still sounds

like Happy People.

Check out the single here: 

Dance Away (single 2017)
And check out the Dance Away video on the Music -page!

Mikko Pettinen & Happy People:

Mikko Pettinen: vocals, Rhodes piano, keyboards, trumpet

Onni Lonka: guitars, vocals

Sampo Tiittanen: bass

Jonatan Sarikoski: drums

William Suvanne: tenor saxophone

Janne Toivonen: trumpet

Antti Rissanen: trombone

Joakim Berghäll: baritone saxophone

TriSis: Jonnu Heikkilä: vocals

Jepa Lambert: vocals

Hanna-Maria Helenius: vocals

Recorded & mixed by Pete Matara @ Volume Productions

Mastered by Svante Forsbäck @ Chartmakers


Video production by Axa Sorjanen & Tuomas Palola

Photos and video assistant: Teemu Mattsson

Photo layout by Lauri Hämäläinen @ Squreink

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syys 232016

Nothing Can Stop My Spirit album is out now and it is available as a cd, cd+dvd and LP


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syys 162016

Mikko Pettinen & Happy People´s new album Nothing Can Stop My Spirit is released and it is available as cd, cd+dvd package and a vinyl. It is released also digitally. You can order your physic copy here:




LP + shipping to Finland

2Happy cd

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huhti 132016

Check out my new video Nothing Can Stop My Spirit on the Music -page. The video was edited by Heikki Kynsijärvi and the music was recorded and mixed by Markus Ketola. I hope you like it!

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maalis 072016

Mikko Pettinen & Happy People launched a crowdfunding campaign on March 7th 2016. Check it out on
This will help us to with the release of our new cd+dvd Still Happy – The Pasila Sessions. You can pre-order our cd, get your company´s logo on the cd+dvd and my website or you can order my band Happy People Combo for a private gig. Check out the details from the Mesenaatti -page.

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tammi 312016

Perfectly Imperfect is the 2nd video released from the Mikko Pettinen & Happy People: Still Happy -Studiolive Sessions. This song has a strong and important message: We are all humans, despite our colour or religion. We are all brothers and sisters and we should get along. Check out the tune on Music -page!!

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New gigs added!

 Posted by on 21.1.2016
tammi 212016

Check out the upcoming gigs on the Live -page!

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joulu 142015

Happy People Theme is the first video single from the Mikko Pettinen & Happy People: Still Happy -Studiolive Sessions (Oct 30th – Nov 1st 2015). We recorded and filmed 8 new tunes live with my 11-piece Happy People band. My idea was to capture the energy, spirit and spontaneity of a live performance of my band in a studio. I think we really succeeded! Check it out on Music -page!

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kesä 222015

Check out the dates on Live -page!

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New video on Music -page!

 Posted by on 19.2.2015
helmi 192015

Check out my funky cover version of the J. Karjalainen classic Sekaisin on my Music page.


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